Four State CVEB Meeting
October 28, 2016

1030 – 1230

Blue Ridge Community and Technical College



See sign-in sheet attached

Call to Order:

Pledge of Allegiance

Introductions (Lead by Joseph Bowers)

Approval of meeting minutes from October 7, 2016

Old Business:

  • VA Consultant, Frederick White
    • Reiterate CVEB Purpose: VA cannot serve veterans alone
    • Review of progress over past five months
    • Building knowledge and skills through participation
    • Functional groups and leadership exhibit the utmost professionalism
    • Creating partnerships and collaboration
    • On the verge of making a change—making a difference
  • Officers, Joseph Bowers
    • No public forum until 2017
      • This year’s “forum” will be a booth at the Homeless Stand Down and distribution of surveys
      • Sign-up sheet was circulated to identify members who will man the CVEB booth at the homeless stand down
      • Ruby Clendenning also circulated a sheet for organizations who wanted to request a space to set up at the homeless stand down
      • Survey is a living document—this is the first round and we want to keep it clear and concise
    • We need to know what veterans want before we can host a forum
      • Tim Cooke’s Town Hall meetings as listening sessions
    • Vote on officer position of Web Master
      • Nominee Simone Hawthorne was voted into this position
    • Brochure Review
      • Will need to add “Find us on Facebook”
      • Include QR code
      • Create and add Twitter and LinkedIN Accounts
      • Change Counseling and Faith to Mental and Spiritual Health
      • Committee Leads should establish a few lines of text to go under each heading
      • Group must submit comments by Monday

New Business:

  • Officers, Julia Yuhasz
    • Survey Review
      • Hard copy and electronic copy available to all
      • Using Google to collect responses because it is free and easy to interpret
      • The use of the survey will help us narrow our focus and allow the team to establish clear, measurable goals
      • We will include the survey on the website
      • The survey will remain open and we will analyze results quarterly
      • Dave Ranck volunteers to sit on committee for survey review
      • Need to add county or zip code and increase font size
      • We will add questions and update the survey as necessary moving forward
    • Officers, Simone Hawthorne
      • Website Review
        • Will need to include an e-mail address for each committee (need to be created)
        • Contact page e-mails go to fourstatecveb G-mail
        • Committees need to have a sense of ownership
        • Currently viewers must have Facebook to see events. We are working on include an event calendar directly on the website
        • We also have a blog—not linked to website because there are no posts
        • Simone will include a web master e-mail link so that we can send pictures and updates to be included on the website
      • Officers, Keri Huntzberry
        • Pass out and explain comment cards
        • Requests that group send all events through Facebook when/if possible
      • Veteran Resources, Dave Ranck
        • Suggests creation of a resource booklet for distribution to veteran service officers
          • Establish format for content
          • Include as PDF through website
          • Print version to libraries, police stations, shelters, etc.
        • Officers, Joseph Bowers
          • Committees should begin meeting/communicating outside of these meetings and bring pertinent information back to update the board as a whole
            • Identify colleagues and begin interacting
            • We will send out the list of functional categories and where members fall under each
            • Discussion on offering Mental Health First Aid to the group
          • Next CVEB Meeting
            • November 18, 2016 from 10:30AM to 12PM
            • Jefferson County DHHR
              • 239 Willow Springs Drive, Charles Town, WV 25414
              • Host: Joseph Holliday
            • Conference Line: 304-724-2600 ext. 2031


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