Our Mission

Bring together local resources and capabilities to improve outcomes for Veterans, transitioning service members, and those who support them. Enables Veterans to easily identify and reach resources available to them, voice their opinions, and provide valuable input. Demonstrate true pride by integrating our deserving Veterans into a caring community. Provide our Veterans and their families with the same opportunities to succeed, as they have provided to this grateful nation through their unselfish sacrifices.

About us

The Four State CVEB (Community Veterans Engagement Board) unites Veteran advocates around a common mission to improve outcomes for Veterans within the community. It is led by local community leaders whose ultimate passion is to impact positive change in the lives of our Veterans.

Although the concept of the board was envisioned by the Department of Veterans Affairs, we are a devoted community-based framework that was established in July 2016 within the Martinsburg, WV community. We convene monthly to develop local solutions, create a network of service providers, easy access to resources, and provide a feedback mechanism to hear the voices within the communities for Veterans, Service members, and their families. Our CVEB is poised to extend an impactful reach to 22 regional Veteran communities within the Four States of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Our board is lead by elected officers, and local community leaders. Together, they represent the best-of-the-best in leadership with a shared vision of, “Your Community – Our Engagement”. Key stakeholders include VA Directors from local facilities, state/federal officials, service providers, educators, health care providers, Veteran Service Organizations, non-profits, and private organizations.

Our goal is to instill a tremendous sense of pride through community and Veterans engagement. The Four State CVEB will hold Public Forums with the intent to bring service providers and stakeholders together for the community to access. These events will be open to the public, offer networking opportunities, presentations, knowledge exchange, and provide a Q&A session to hear the voice of the local communities. This is the board’s opportunity to share what they are doing and how to get involved.

Our CVEB is open to Veterans, Service members, advocates, service providers, and organizations. The public forums are open to the public, including everyone in the Veteran-communities.

We are proud to finally have a community board that is devoted to serving our deserving Veterans!

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