Education & Training Committee

Our programs offer Veterans’ Education Assistance Programs to assist Veterans in further education. We have an established alliance with community Partners, offering the industry’s highest academics.


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Article I.        Education Committee focus and objectives:


Article II.       Helping veterans re-train into a different trade or profession

Section 2.01                 Avenues to success include:

(a)    Education – maximize credit from military experience to universities with transfer credit friendly policies

(b)    Training – utilize GI Bill to pay for training in an approved trade recognized by the VA

(c)     Entrepreneurship – start your own business – seminars and programs designed to provide

required knowledge for this type of venture

Article III.     2.      Veteran education benefits:

  1. Explanation of benefits

Post 9-11 GI Bill

                  Time limit for use (15 year window)

                  What is covered


                  Housing stipend (brick and mortar / online)

  1. What programs are available

Education – training – certificates – flight – trades – professional exams

  1. Programs-Terms, what is offered and when they expire
  2. Military service/experience- how can time served be used as credits towards their degree. Joint service transcripts.

Thorough understanding of JSTS

How universities work with ACE to recognize skills / learning approved for credit

Article IV.     3.      Leaving the military:

  1. How/who to get counseling from to help in the transition (pre and post).

TAPS program prior to departing military

Local VA facilities – local VSO’s – post military

  1. How to reinvent yourself in the civilian world.

Different culture – different communication styles – different attire in civilian sector

Utilize self-assessment programs provided at military bases – VA facilities – various Veterans Service Organizations

  1. How to effectively communicate what you did (in an interview and on your resume)

Utilize professional resume services to effectively communicate your learned military skill sets

  1. How to effectively and successfully match your skill set to the needs of the civilian job market/industry.
  2. Connecting with Organizations that provide training of skills

Organizations that provide classes/training sessions

  -Resa 8, Workforce WV, VUB, VAMC, etc.


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