Four State CVEB Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2017

10:30 – 12:30

Hospice of the Panhandle



See sign-in sheet attached

Call to Order:

George Vukovich announces two CVEB resignations (Joseph Bowers co-chair and Britney Norris Secretary)

Nominations for Secretary will be accepted at today’s meeting, Ashley Moslak was nominated and the Board voted. Ashley will now hold the Interim Co-Secretary position until reelection in July 2017

Nominations for Co-Chair will be accepted at next month’s meeting (March 31, 2017).

Pledge of Allegiance (Lead by George Vukovich, Co-Chair)

Introductions (Lead by George Vukovich, Co-Chair)

Announcements: George Vukovich provides information in regards to upcoming events held in May, August and September. Sandy Gosnell provides information in regards to upcoming WORKFORCE event (still waiting on approval), she will disseminate information when it’s available

Dates mentioned:
May 20 – Spring Fling at Martinsburg VAMC
May 31 – Huntington VA/Charleston job fair 10-2pm.
June 8 – Workforce WV event with 167th
August event
Late Sept – 167th
Approval of last month’s meeting minutes

Old Business:

  • Highlights of Old Business
    • Charter: Discussion tabled until March meeting
    • Bylaws were updated to reflect change to voting procedure.

New Business:

  • Committee Presentations
    • Each Committee presented on their “focus” stating Objectives and Measurements
      • Missing: Transportation Committee and Justice & Legal Committee


  • Education (Evan Mackenzie)
  • How to max credits with College/ Universities
  • Training
  • Entrepreneurship seminars/webinar sessions
  • Programs available
  • Counseling on transition (TAPS)
  • Education on Military culture vs Civilian culture


  • Employment (Sandy Gosnell)
  • Increase employment- sponsoring a career fair
  • Host seminar workshops- networking, skills, resume and interviewing
  • Host basic skills computer class
  • Find more employers who want to hire vets- educate their HR departments on the value of a veteran
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities with SCORE


  • Veteran Resources (Ruby Clendenning)
  • May 20 Spring fling community event
  • Community recognition cards for CVEB
  • Calendar of events
  • March 30 Women’s history month event


  • Housing and Homelessness (Anna Stead) – ATTACHED
  • Participating in community events
  • Veteran engagement sessions
  • List of housing resources


  • Justice and Legal (Dave Gowers)
  • Legal aid info session
  • Vet court program (legal aid session held at the VA the 2nd Friday of every month)


  • Public Health (Julia Yuhasz) – ATTACHED
  • Assist vet resources with sub committees
  • List networking groups and meeting dates
  • Communicate resources
  • Video tape all presentations to share and post on the CVEB website for community access
  • Help navigate resources


  • Spiritual/Counseling and Faith (Kenneth Hawthorne)


  • Transportation (not represented)


  • Guest Speaker
    • Jamila Jones: President Innovative Solutions Technology (PowerPoint presentation has been posted on website)
    • Kenneth Hawthorne from Project Healing Waters shares personal success story about his journey, challenges and what services he utilized
    • Jon Miller from Senator Mooney’s office shared personal story about the journey that led him to his current position
  • Closing Remarks
    • LaDonna Duckett (Co-Secretary) request that each committee lead submit their one page group goal sheet to CVEB email, it will be attached to the meeting minutes and disbursed to the group in its entirety

Next Meeting:

  • March 31, 2017 from 10:30AM to 12:30PM

Hospice of the Panhandle

330 Hospice Lane

Kearneysville, WV 25430


Action Item Assigned To: Deadline:
Meeting Minutes La Donna A.S.A.P
Submit Objectives and Measurable Items to G-mail Committee Leads A.S.A.P
Send Agenda items to G-mail All A.S.A.P
Finalize Charter Officers March 31, 2017



Public Health

  • Objective 1: Assist Veterans Resources Subcommittee in collating HC resources

(sharing information from other agencies, get others involved, develop a local veteran PH guide, create master list of networking groups/meetings in the region & meeting dates)

  • Objective 2: Communicate Healthcare Resources

(present information to public, bring presenters quarterly to CVEB, videotape presentations and provide online via YouTube account, etc)

  • Objective 3: Assist Veterans & Spouses/Family/Support in navigating resources

(help 3 veteran families per month, tie specific healthcare navigation needs into ongoing veterans survey, collect names of veterans served?)





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