Four State CVEB Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2017

10:30 – 12:30

Hospice of the Panhandle


See sign-in sheet attached

Call to Order:

Pledge of Allegiance (Lead by Joseph Bowers and George Vukovich, Co-Chairs)

Introductions (Lead by George Vukovich, Co-Chair)

Approval of meeting minutes from November 2016 – approved by majority vote

Old Business:

  • Highlights of Old Business
    • The Officers met to finalize Charter. We will have final draft available to the board by next meeting.
    • Communication
      • Please submit agenda items to the Four State CVEB G-mail
      • The Charter and Bylaws are living documents—let the officers know if you have not had the opportunity to review these documents. Remember we are always open to suggestions.
    • The board voted to amend the voting process outlined in the Bylaws

New Business:

  • Guest Speaker Suggestion
    • LaDonna Weller suggested guest speaker for an upcoming meeting to gauge board’s interest. The board is in favor.
  • Homelessness and Housing
    • There are 15 HUD-VASH vouchers available for housing approximately 1.5-hour drive to Martinsburg.
  • Shannon Kelley, VBA Huntington
    • VBA can view claims from any location (not just CVEB catchment area)
    • However, their catchment area is generally within the state of West Virginia
    • Average processing time is under 100 days. There are outliers, but the virtual system speeds up processing time.
    • The intake centers accept the claims and upload them to the electronic system within 7 days of receipt of the claim.
    • Overview of compensation claim process.
    • VBA offers Veteran life insurance.
    • E-mail Shannon Kelley for additional questions (
  • Committee Breakout Session
    • George Vukovich initiates breakout session by asking the officers to take a seat.
    • Review of Committee Leads.
    • Purpose of today’s breakout session
      • Come up with three objectives and a few measurable items under each objective.
      • Discuss options for what we should call the “forum”
    • Committees report back to the board
      • Committee objectives will be published and released to the board upon receipt
    • Craig Gilman, APU
      • Overview of resources and services provided by APU for veterans and military service members through their campus Vet Center
      • Slides available upon request
    • Closing Remarks
      • Moving forward it will be our intent to act on these objectives
      • We will continue to grow by learning from one another and build off one another’s strengths and knowledge base
      • VA’s Spring Fling for Veterans event on May 20, 2017 will be a major focus for the agenda at our next meeting

Next Meeting:

  • February 24, 2017 from 10:30AM to 12:30PM

Hospice of the Panhandle

330 Hospice Lane

Kearneysville, WV 25430


Action Item Assigned To: Deadline:
Meeting Minutes Britney By Wednesday, February 1st
Submit Objectives and Measurable Items to G-mail Committee Leads By Wednesday, February 1st
Send Agenda items to G-mail All By Tuesday, February 14th
Finalize Charter Officers By Friday, February 24th



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