Homeless and Housing Committee



Committee Members:

LaDonna Weller

Anna Stead

David Gowers

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Housing/Homelessness Committee

Objectives & Measures of Success for Objectives


Increase Homelessness Outcomes for Veterans


ACHIEVE OBJECTIVE:  CVEB Housing group will offer a Legal Aid informational session with WV legal aid and attorneys to provide veterans having difficulty obtaining housing due to legal issues or difficulty overcoming barriers with due to legal issues. Ex: expungement seminars; VA loan assistance for potential homeowners.

MEASUREMENT:        Survey veterans after informational session asking if the workshop was helpful in learning more about overcoming barriers and obtaining housing/learning about VA loans.



ACHIEVE OBJECTIVE:  CVEB to provide a list of housing resources at all CVEB events and community events, highlighting VA homeless Hotline number, community partners, VSO’s, Shelters and other resources.


MEASUREMENT:        Continued measurements of increased knowledge and continue to survey veterans.



ACHIEVE OBJECTIVE:  CVEB to survey veterans and their families at all community events to identify barriers to housing/homelessness . Identify top 3 barriers to housing and target workshops/seminars towards educating veterans.

MEASUREMENT:        After identifying top 3 barriers- develop workshops/seminars to assist veterans in increasing homeless outcomes and survey veteran after workshops for feedback and to identify what else may be needed.



ACHIEVE OBJECTIVE:  CVEB to identify community partners/VSO’s that have resources or funding to be able to help veterans with items that are barriers to housing. Ex: past due electric bills, utilities fees/fines, rent.

MEASUREMENT:        Continue to survey veterans to determine barriers to housing.


ACHIEVE OBJECTIVE:  CVEB to participate in VA HeroHaven Standdown – collaborate with all housing resources in community and ensure resources are available at the Standdown..

MEASUREMENT:        Provide/offer CVEB survey at the Standdown and prioritize findings.









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