Four State CVEB Minutes

Hospice of the Panhandle

330 Hospice Lane

Kearneysville WV 25430

Meeting in Education Center

Conference Line: Dial   US: +1 408 740 3766

   Meeting ID: 839 274 927

May 25th, 2017

10:30 – 12:30

  • Meeting Facilitator: Sam Rock  and Jamila Fleet(Co-chairs)
  • Host: Hospice of the Panhandle
  • Call to order / Pledge of Allegiance (Led by Sam Rock)
  • Moment of Silence  (Led by Sam Rock)
  • Circulate sign-in sheet
  • Introductions of new members (Welcome David Galloway, Dan Roby (from APUS), Nikki Ingram- Orsini (from Sulphur Springs)
  • Old Business
  • UPDATE Members on Veterans Day Parade Planning/Progress
  • (Brian Tolstyka is the Committee Lead) (Sam Rock provided an update)  The last meeting it was reported that CVEB would have a sponsor (Mainstreet Martinsburg).  Unfortunately, as of right now CVEB will be taking on the responsibilities. The Main Street Martinsburg has now stated that they could not afford to handle the cost of hiring off-duty officers to block roads and street cleaning etc. The National Guard is going to approach Martinsburg and offer some of their personnel and equipment to assist.  The event is still a go however slated for 1 pm as opposed to 11 am (due to VA events going on). It was also determined that insurance will have to be purchased (There are two bids out right now)
  • Brian updated the group on different ideas for fundraising (such as raffling off a pistol). Other fundraising events such as a Golf Tournament suggested. All ideas and comments related to the Events Committee directed to Brian Tolstyka.
  • Jamilla spoke in regards to her engagement progress thus far. She has reached out to  The Girl Scouts, 4-H, Elaine BoBo at Berk Co Schools and Bondie Shay from Jefferson County Schools.  
  • Committee Re-engagement (Sam updates the group on the re-engaging committee persons. Please reach out to community members, veterans, resource providers and invite them to rejoin the CVEB. There are sign-in sheets that will be available in the back of the room. Sign up sheets are located in the back of the room and will be moving forward).
  • Reminder: The suggestion box is located in the back. Please drop your suggestions in the box.
  • Mission Statement read aloud. Moving forward the Mission statement will be read at every meeting.
  • New Business
  • New Committees Creation (EVENTS & MEMBERSHIP)
  • Jamilla request that current members sign up for the committee that most aligns with their passion or field. If committees do not have enough members, they can combine with other committees.  New Leads will need to be established. Committee members should review the Community Needs Assessment to develop new Goals.
  • Public Forum is slated for this year.  Committees will be expected to work on a workshop to present the Forum.
  • Meet and Greet other committee members.
  • Upcoming Events (Group members share information about upcoming events in the community)
  • Presentations
  • Rob Harley with TSES (Therapeutic Supportive Employment Services, Compensated Work Therapy, Supported Employment, Community Based Employment Services. )
  • Robert Harley provided in-depth information about TSES and CWT. These programs provide employment support services to assist veterans with reintegrating back into society.  Programs provide the veteran with work experience including but not limited to things like getting along with co-workers, getting to work on time. Programs also provide veterans with resumes creation and identification of employment opportunities.  These programs are geared towards getting veterans back to full-time employment. Veterans in CWT and TSES are provided with a minimum wage stipend while participating in the programs. (Contact Donna Bejian)
  • Sulphur Springs (Information regarding recent achievements)
  • Nikki Ingram-Orsini from Orsini Farms LLC. The farm has been in the family since the 1940’s. They currently have grass-fed beef, horse boarding, and indoor riding arena rentals. The Farm paired with the Farmer Veteran Coalition who provides resources and mentoring to veterans who are starting out in agriculture. The FVC has a  “Home Grown by Hero” label, the official Farmer/Veteran branding program. With help from the Farmer/Veteran Fellowship fund, Sulphur Springs applied for a grant. Tractor Supply came in and provided the funding  (one of 50 grants provided across the United States). Sulphur Springs is a supporter of “Mission 22” and raised over $700.00 to contribute to their cause.
  • Introduction of Laurie Barrone, VA VEO Field Consultant
  • Open Forum / Member Suggestions
  • LaDonna Duckett brought two veteran issues to the floor for assistance.  One veteran located in a rural area experiencing difficulty with selling his home. Another veteran recently diagnosed with Cancer experiencing financial crisis related to rent and transportation. CVEB members provided with resources and referrals.
  • Closing Remarks:
  • Community Day in the Park on June 16, 2018
  • Quarterly Health and Human Resource Collaborative meeting held June 1, 2018, at Martinsburg DHHR.
  • Next Meeting:  June 29th, 2018 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

 Confirmed Location:    Hospice of the Panhandle

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