Four State CVEB Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2016

10:30 – 12:00

Jefferson County DHHR



See sign-in sheet attached

Call to Order:

Pledge of Allegiance (Lead by Joseph Bowers and George Vukovich, Co-Chairs)

Introductions (Lead by Joseph Bowers, Co-Chair)

Co-Chair J. Bowers’ observations / statements:

  • A Special Thank You was made to Joe Holliday for sponsoring this event
  • Reminds all in attendance to sign-in
  • Acknowledges technical difficulties with insufficient access to dial-in numbers
  • Explains that this meeting was shortened to 1.5 hours as a response to requests from several members

Approval of meeting minutes from October 28, 2016 – motion was made by J. Bowers to approve; approved by Co-Secretary and majority of CVEB Group members

Old Business:

  • Highlights of Old Business:
    • Reiterate Co-Chair reads through old business
    • Vote on new officer position-Web Master
    • Discuss our participation in Homeless Stand Down
    • Review Discuss Survey
    • Review Website
    • Review of brochure
    • Group Communications
    • Committee to Group interactions
    • Sponsors needed (to support cost of administrative and operating cost)


  • New Business:
  • Four State CVEB Accomplishments
    • Homeless Stand Down – considered a huge success; several surveys received during this event; J. Bowers presents the new CVEB banner to the group for view and comments that it will be used to represent future CVEB events


  • Needs Survey – Simone Hawthorne, CVEB Officer, brought in completed surveys to submit. They were given to the J. Bowers. The Co-Chair states that additional completed surveys are still being received.
  • 501c3 Research – Simone Hawthorne provided information on requirements, obtaining a business license, and bonding insurance; Board Member Tim Murphy (Marine Corp Lead) provides information on 501C3 rules and political involvement vs. non-political involvement and the need for a legal representation/input; Board Member J. Holliday inquiries about requesting United Way for some type of support; George Vukovich, Co-Chair, provided suggestion on the need for a Treasurer position
  • Website Progress – Simone Hawthorne, Webmaster, presents addition of a Google Calendar on website. She continues searching for an events Calendar to plug in to the CVEB online site.
  • Veteran Resource Committee has met and created the idea for a Resource tab on the webpage. This is still in the making. Board members present weigh in on recommendations as to move or exclude the “pop up” newsletter sign up box. Will review at a later date.
  • Charter
    • Bowers complete the Charter prior to the next group meeting
    • All CVEB Group members are encourage to provide feedback via email, prior to the next meeting.
  • Vision 2017 Roadmap
    • Bowers emphasized the importance of maintain a sense of awareness on our primary purpose – Veterans Engagement
    • A roadmap, focusing on our first Public Forum, must be planned by the entire group
    • The group’s challenge is to hold this event the earlier part of next year (2017)
    • Discussions


  • The value of internal collaboration within CVEB committees was encouraged
  • One committee supported postponement of meeting until responses from surveys have been gathered
  • The Co-Chairs will play a key role in assisting CVEB committees with area of interest in orders to maximize the committee’s support to our Veterans
  • Board Member Anna Stead thanks APU for hosting a Military to civilian skills/resume writing/interviewing Workshop (Craig Gilman leads this)
  • Board Member Dave Rank leads a Entrepreneurship workshop at Rumsey
  • Board Member Kristen Rice suggest moving the meeting time back to the original two hour allotment with 30 minutes of time built in for subcommittee meeting.
  • Board Member Donna Bejian, VAMC, made several suggestions for future CVEB meetings.
    • Propose member announcements at the end of meetings, in order to expedite key agenda items
    • Identify the needs of group members to improve team/group interactions
    • Suggest one or two board members to present at the beginning of each meeting on their area of expertise; Joy Aschecraft will present on Building Healthy Military Communities and Ariel Place-Quilling will present on Mental Health or Suicide Prevention at the next Four State CVEB meeting in December
  • Board Member Kristen Rice suggest moving the meeting time back to the original two hours. This would allow subcommittees to meet for 30 minutes.
  • Several group members suggest a group Mixer or Meet-N-Greet to build relationships and get to know each other. George Vukovich, Co-Chair, agrees and is looking into hosting the event at APUS and possibly have event catered.


  • Announcements
    • Board Member K. Wilson informs group on upcoming Mental Health first Aid Program that she and Ariel are leading. She has booked two sessions, one will be at Blue Ridge Technical College in January 2017 followed by a second one at VAMC in February 2017.
    • Board Member Evan Mackenzie, Shepherd University Enrollment Specialist, has made a connection with Cathy Snoddy from Huntington Junior College and she would like to serve on the EDUCATION SUB COMMITTEE.
    • Board Member Anna Stead thanks APU for hosting a Military to civilian skills/resume writing/interviewing Workshop (Craig Gilman leads this)
    • Board Member Dave Ranck leads a Entrepreneurship workshop at Rumsey
    • Co-Chair, G. Vukovich provided handouts on Veterans Caregivers Community Forum being held on December 7, 2016 at Asbury United Methodist Church in Charlestown from 10 am to 2 pm.


  • Next CVEB Meeting
    • December 16, 2016 from 10:30AM to 12:30 PM
    • American Public University
      • Host: George Vukovich
      • Address: TBA
      • Conference Line: TBA


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