Signing up on our website is easy.

  1. Click on Register
  2. Fill in all the required information (showcase your Organization!)
  3. Press the button and you are on your way to becoming a registered member on the CVEB website.
  4. Watch the video below

This is your second step. Go to your inbox and find the email from WordPress with the Activation link to activate your profile. Make sure to check your spam folder if you can’t find it.

After activation, you can sign in with the email and password you set during registration.

Look around and find a group to join, make friends, send private emails and so much more.


Membership Registration

You can also edit your profile here and set an image. Maybe a logo or a picture of you.


Membership Registration three

Welcome to the Four State CVEB membership. We are excited to have you here and hear all about your work!



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