Four State CVEB Meeting Agenda

Hospice of the Panhandle

330 Hospice Lane

Kearneysville WV 25430

Meeting in the Education Center

June 28, 2019 10:30 -12:30

If you can’t attend in person you can join us using Zoom


  • Meeting facilitator: CVEB Officers
  • Host: Hospice of the Panhandle
  • Call to order/ Pledge of Allegiance (Led by Joe Holliday)
  • Moment of Silence (Led by Joe Holliday)
  • Circulate Sign-in Sheet
  • Visitor Introductions


Old Business:

  • Formation of the Forum Committee;
  • Fundraising for the Forum;
  • The location for the forum most likely to be Blue Ridge College; September 14th
  • Committee Reports;  Parade, Forum, Spiritual & Mental Health, Education & Employment, Homeless & Housing, Resources, Justice & Legal, Transportation


New Business:

  • First results of the Needs Survey 2019;
  • Need two more Communication Liaisons and Secretary



  • Drug Court- Crystal Gumbel- Shade, 23rdCircuit Adult Drug Court Probation Officer


Open Floor Discussion:

  • Outline for Events (Planning)
  • Future of the CVEB ( Vision )

Adjournment 12:30 ( Joe Holliday )





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