Four State CVEB Meeting

October 7, 2016

1000 – 1200

Shepherd University Martinsburg Center



See sign-in sheet attached

Call to Order:

Pledge of Allegiance (Suggestion made by Frederick White)

Introductions (Lead by Joseph Bowers)

Old Business:

  • VA Consultant, Tim Cooke
    • Motion to approve minutes from previous meeting
    • Minutes approved by the group
  • Officers, Joseph
    • Review board purpose
    • October events calendar available to all
      • E-mail Four State CVEB to add to event calendar
    • Meeting date change/two October meetings
      • Preparing for Homeless Stand-down
    • Officers, Julia
      • Review and update Committee Leads & Members and VA Consultants list
        • Most of these people were identified at the August board meeting
        • Need to designate a VA consultant for Public Health
        • Each functional category needs to know and understand their scope of services across the four state region
        • Motion to add functional category focusing on Female Veterans

New Business:

  • Officers, Joseph
    • Brochure
      • Explanation of draft
      • Send out electronically to board for comment
        • Board decided not to include name and contact information in the brochure for committee leads
        • Should include a notes section
        • Need to include explanation of service region (we do not service every part of all four states)
        • Should identify as Four State CVEB on the front with Community Veterans Engagement Board in parenthesis for consistency in branding
      • For use during events where the board is allowed to set up an information booth
      • Target publication date: in time for Homeless Stand-down
      • Direct people to website for contact information
    • Website
      • Will include contact information for officers, committee leads, and VA consultants
        • Can easily update information as people/positions change
      • To be up and running within the next two weeks
    • Logo
      • Group determined Four State CVEB Logo through a vote by attendees
    • Public Forum
      • We will not host our public forum until 2017 after we have all of our administrative kinks worked out
      • We will acquire a booth at the Homeless Stand-down to get the word out and administer surveys
        • Final draft of survey will be sent out to all members to distribute to their veteran population
        • The survey will help us to identify gaps, set goals, and host a productive public forum for veterans
          • Motion to transition focus from “public forum” to a gap analysis (or other term to describe this data collection period/process)
        • Forum details and planning
          • Need to find out what veterans want. Proposed listening session.
          • Open Tim Cooke’s Town Hall meeting to all veterans in 22 counties
          • Recommend advertising future VA Town Halls and post on CVEB calendar
          • Public Forum Planning – intense discussions on concerns that, “many veterans may become overwhelmed by large events and the large event concept may not be productive”
          • CVEB has two audiences: agencies supporting veterans and the veterans themselves—we must endorse planning sessions that supports both (two listening sessions)
        • Next meeting Date Confirmed: October 28, 2016 from 10:30AM to 12:30PM at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College


Action Item Assigned To: Deadline:
Submit comments on the draft survey All Friday, October 14, 2016
Webpage setup Prior to next meeting
Send out electronic copy of brochure for comments Co-secretaries ASAP




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